Device offline message


i want to receive an email of one if my devices is not connected as alarm ?

any update

I haven’t seen at the console a way to report when a device goes offline.

Yes there is no way from console,

can we do it like a end point but triggered by console ?

Hi @Moahmed_ELnahas,

Nowadays there is no way to do that using the console but we are working on an event manages that will provide this feature soon.

but, remember that everything shown on the console can be retrieved in a third party program using the REST API. The next message allows retrieving a JSON with an attribute “active” which is the connection status:<USERID>/devices?id=<DEVICE_ID>&authorization=<ACCESS_TOCKEN_WITH_ADMIN_ACCESS>

for example, calling my “deviceB” I obtain the next answer


You can use this call to retrieve the information from another device or a cloud server and call and endpoint when the value turns “false”.

Sorry about can’t offer your anything simpler today, hope it helps.


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thank you for your support

waiting for this features