Device eventlogs historical data


i am looking for any kind of event logs or logs in general for my connected devices. i am aware of the possibility do actively log on to a log console for each device / for the whole server (running on a aws server) but as far as i can see these do not provide any historical logs.

my devices keep crashing and i just want to see the last events before they disconnect for sure until i manually reset them.

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Iit is unlikely that the device will send through the thinger debug the backtrace output, it wont report a division by zero nor will tell you that its writing an array beyond its boundaries, and both are situation that cause the device crashing

I would recommend to check your device’s code to see what could be the issue that is causing the device’s crashing, I doubt that it is related with thinger platform, in this case could be helpful to debug by serial console, as you can find the crashing report and may try to find where could be the issue based on that report, I think I’ve seen a backtrace debugger for arduino ide.

Hope this helps

hi, thanks for the advice, and we will definitely be doing our due diligence. while we do not know why our devices fail after a seemingly random number of days, we are simply trying to approach our debugging from as many angles as possible : )