Device Dashboard says device is offline but API Explorer is working

Hi all together!

First of all I realy like it is really great work!

I have discovered a small Problem and I hope somebody can help.

I deployed my own thinger server on a virtual linux machine on Azure. It can reach it over the internet, ports are open etc! Everything fine here!

I connected a arduino due with sim808 gprs to my local server using ArduinoTinyGSM example.
It is connecting fine and authentification is working.

Now to the problem: When I click on devices the device is listed and it says it is connected.
But when I click on the device, the device dashboard says the device is offline, no IP Adress is shown and no Data transfer. BUT when I go to “View API” I can control the LED of the Arduino… So it must be connected.

When I connect the device to server (changing just server and username in the sketch) everything is working!

I hope somebody has a idea!

Best regards,

EDIT: When I use https://“server ip” it is working!
But my browser is complaining because of not secure connection!
I made an exeption for this IP now but is their a nicer way?

Hi @Maverick121, what is your console version? (it appears at the bottom right). If you connect your console over http, the connection for the device live state should be also done over http. Let me know, so I can double check it!


Hi @alvarolb,

my console version is 1.5.9, it would be great if you could double check the problem.

BTW is it easy to upgrade to a newer version (if available) without loose of data?

Best regards!