Device control and resource selecting


I’m trying to connect ArduinoUno with Ethernet Shield to Thinger.
I’ve created a thing that contains some values. Arduino code is shown below.

I can see my values in API.

But when I’m trying to create a widget in Dashbord I can’t choose my values. It only shows my resource.

What can I do with it? I want to be able to control values.Thanks!

P.S. I know that i can create other things, but it is important for me to do it with one thing that contains values.

You can do it by separately

thing[“heater”] << inputValue(heater);
thing[“fan”] << inputValue(fan);

Hope this helps,


Thanks for your reply.

I know that I can do it that way. The point is - I need to do it with one resource because Ethernet Shield can stuck with more than 9 resources