Device Connection failure since 6 Feb 2020

My devices has already successfully connected to server since May 2019, it works properly and continuously connected over these months.

But starting from 6 Feb 2020, my device is no longer to connect the server. I have two similar devices, the “Last Connection” on platform shows same time.

Does the thinger server changes the port? or any updates I have to implement?
My Controller: MKR1000; Error: [_SOCKET] Error while connecting!

Hello @Tester_Battery,

The SSL certificate have just been changed, as the older one was obsolete. Some devices only produce a warning but continue to connect, however, if you use GSMtiny or some MKR the connection is stopped. You need to re-flash it with the most updated version of Thinger.h library or use the SSL certificate manager if using MRK

Please, always specify the device you are using, it will be much easier helping you

Thanks jtrinc26!

Now I can connect again after uploading the latest SSL certificate into my MKR1000 controller.