Developer account does not create User Account (Project Members)

Apparently it’s a bug as the documentation states that the Developer Account has permission/authorization to create User Account (Project Members). (see image below).

And this is very important, for security reasons! We need this fix as we will be creating all Devices and User Accounts (Project Members) with the Developer Account instead of an Administrator Account.
Since the username is exposed in the URL, it is safer to create devices and User Accounts (Project Members) with a Developer Account.
We will leave the Administrator Account exclusively to perform Server/Host maintenance.
If we create devices and users (of our customers) with the Administrator Account it would be the equivalent of using the Linux ROOT user for routine activities, which is dangerous.

Is it possible to fix this bug in less than 10 days?

Complement: If the Developer Account does not create User Accounts (Project Members), it is also not possible to link User (Project Members) to Projects, Devices, Buckets… created by the Developer. That’s the problem.

There indeed seems to be an issue. Unfortunately, at this moment we can’t say how or when this will be fixed, but we hope to get back to you with more information in the following days.

Sorry for the inconvenience

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Hi @George_Santiago,

I think we need to update the documentation. For this use case, you need to use the role Domain Admin instead of Developer, which fully supports creating new members under the specified domain. If you use rebranding, please, use the rebranded domain for this administrator, so it will limit its ability to manage users on this domain.

Hope it helps!