Debug thinger client in ubuntu environment

Previous compilation was working fine but recently compiled program is not. May has to do with the SSL library - not sure.

Any idea how to trouble shoot Thinger client in Ubuntu enviornment?

[1584880260.148000]: Not connected!
[1584880260.153000]: Connecting to ...
[1584880261.213000]: Connected!
[1584880261.213000]: Authenticating...
[1584880261.560000]: Authenticated!
[1584880263.039000]: Closing socket!
[1584880263.039000]: Not connected!
[1584880263.039000]: Connecting to ...

I have “#define DEBUG” but it doesnt help.

Hello @yahya_khaled

Is it possible that you are running two clients with same device credentials at the same time? maybe one as daemon?


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You are right :S that solved my problem.