Data Bucket Timestamp

Has the data bucket timestamp changed?
When I download the data from the bucket and convert the datestamp in Excel using:
eg new cell =A2/1000/60/60/24+date(1970,1,1)
(where cell A2 has my Thinger datestamp)

(Remembering that Thinger Unix time is in milliseconds, so needs the divisor of 1000)

This should give me the time/date in UTC.
It used to work fine.
Now it gives me an incorrect time & date.

Any suggestions?


I think that nothing changed in the timestamp export. Do you have some example of the incorrect behaviour? Your formula works fine with my data (taking into account that the timestamp is in UTC). Notice that the data is being exported in ascending date.

Any screenshot of your excel would be valuable.

Sorry - Looks like my mistake.
I thought Iā€™d checked whether the data was ascending or descending, but I must have made a mistake. :blush:
I was looking at the wrong timeframe.

Thanks for your reply.

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