Data bucket intervals not constant

Good day,

I’m getting odd data in the data bucket. My data bucket is set to “Sampling Interval” to every 5 minutes. But some time, I get a reading before the interval is reached (e.g. 2 minutes instead of the 5 minutes). See the attachment. In that short data range, I have 2 readings below 5 minutes:

  • From 13:17:08 to 13:21:09 (4 minutes)
  • From 13:41:10 to 13:44:10 (3 minutes)

What can cause this to happen? Thank you.

I guess that it could be related with the device connection status, I mean, when the device conects by the first time, the platform request the values and then request again in 5 mins in your case, but if the device disconects and reconects after 2 mins, the platform will recognize it as “just connected” and will request it the values, and restart the 5 mins cycle.

I’m not totally sure if it works in this way, but it is how I explain this behavior.

Hope this helps

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Hummm… That could make sense but my Arduino is plugged with the wall wart, so it isn’t a power issue. But I’ll try to investigate further with that in mind (i.e. anything that could disconnect/reconnect, my router?!). I’ll repost if I find something.

Yes, what you can do is to check the “online time” at device’s dashboard, and if it correspond when the moment when had a bad interval, this points to the reason I guessing.

And it doesn’t should be a disconnection from the router, if the platform doesn’t receive a “I’m alive” signal from the remote device in a determinate period, will take it as offline, and when receive another “I’m alive” will take it as just connected.

If you need strict interval, you can do it from the device, set a bucket as “write by device call” and set the interval at the device that every 5 mins, send data to the bucket, in the documentation is explained how it should be done, is easy :wink:

Hope this helps

Ok thanks! I’ll remember that other option (“write by device call”).