Dashboard Widgets disappear?


I am trying to create a dashboard with two widgets, a time series and a simple text box showing the latest value.

However; whenever I add the widgets and look at the dashboard later; they are both gone. Does anyone know why this happens?

Thank you.

Hellos @mmeloche,

Are you sure that you are putting off the “edit dashboard” switch after create the widgets?
I had some troubles like that when I was using microsoft Edge borwser, but never with google chrome, so better use this one.

Thank you @JorgeTrincado for the response. I use Chrome by default, and I’ve tried both leaving the switch on and putting it off after I create the widgets.
I tried it with Firefox, and if I add a time series chart and two other text boxes, one of the text boxes stays, the other box and the chart disappear.
Any other ideas?