Dashboard Widget Order on Mobile Devices

Good day,
it seems that when you view the dashboard on a mobile device (webview and not mobile app), the order of the dashboards is different from that in the desktop view. It almost seems like on the mobile view / responsive view the order is determined in the order in which the widgets were added to the dashboard.

Is there any way of fixing this without recreating the entire dashboard?


Hi, can you please try to open the same dashboard over https://beta.thinger.io to see if the problem persists?


Hi - yes it also does the same on https://beta.thinger.io

Hi - is there any workaround for this issue? I’ve even recreated the dashboard but the order still seems to be all messed up on a mobile view.

I am having the same issue. You can layout everything perfect on a desktop, but the order changes when viewing on a mobile device using webview. Tested with built in Samsung browser and Chrome mobile.

Usually you see the widgets in order as they were created it is the same in openhab on habpanel.

Thanks for the reply. This is not directed at you, but why would it be setup this way? It makes zero sense when the whole idea of a dashboard is to display useful information and act on it. So you design the dashboard and it looks and works perfect, but then on mobile it’s a complete mess. Lets say I have to go back and add a sensor, I have to completely start over just get the order right?

Maybe you already know but I forgot to mention that in phones and tablets in landscape don’t mess with layout.

In prtrait mode it should be rearanging widgets from left to right first into vertical stack and than grabbing next rows.

Unfortunately I have no direct contact with developers, so we hope thay see that.