Dashboard: Update by device / Sampling interval

I’m trying to get a text widget to show an output value from the device. I tried “Update by device” but that doesn’t show anything, even when in the device, the value changes. Then I tried “sampling interval” but that also doesn’t show anything when opening the dashboard, it could take up to the maximum sampling interval for a value to appear. This value changes only when the user changes it, so very rarely, therefore it doesn’t seem very efficient to me to make a small samplying interval just so that I can display the value…

Are the values returned from the device not cached at your end? And what does “update by device” really do?


Hello @Ronny

You are right, for this case of use the right configuration is using “update by device”, but this config has to be supported by a “thing.stream()” instruction in your loop(). Please check the documentation above here: http://docs.thinger.io/arduino/#coding-streaming-resources

but! be careful in the way you call this instruction. You have to be sure that it is called only one time, because if the program calls it each loop() execution, the server will lock your device to prevent inefficient behaviors.

Hope you find this information useful

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