Dashboard Slider Control

Hello ,
First of all congratulations for the design, excellent tool.

I need a suggestion to move on to a current need.

I created a widget in my slider type dashboard, until this point is working, our need would be that the Arduino is read that was selected inside the Slider and updating a local variable.

This need comes with an endpoint that we create for notification if a temperature exceeds the limit set by the Slider.

Source code:

if (dht.readHumidity ()> 55) {
digitalWrite (6, HIGH);
thing.call_endpoint (“high_humidity_alert”, thing [“Status”]);

The idea is to manipulate this limit “55” through the Slider.

Any help is very welcome.

Thank you very much

Hi see this example.

float hysteresis = 0; // defined as a global variable
thing[“hysteresis”] << [](pson& in){
hysteresis = in;//vale of your slider on dashboar