Dashboard question


How can i see dat, without log in to thinger.io? How can i make from my private to public dashboard?

I put chart on my dashboard, but this chart doesn’t show data from history. It shows actual data, when i want setup another device and after this, i will return to dashboard data will be lost.

I appologize for my english.

Hi Martin,

sorry for the late response. Regarding your question, I am working hard these days to finish the data recording feature. So you can use dashboards even with not connected devices. It is almost done, but it needs some testing. I will send an email when it is done!

Sharing dashboards is not currently available. I must think on how to effectively implement that feature, as it can involve letting third people accessing your devices or data buckets, and it can become a security problem if it is not handled correctly.

No problem with your english. Mine is not perfect :wink: btw I understand you.

I have been experimenting with IOT and one of the other platforms I tried was Ubidots - they do have public dashboards, however they always seemed to be very slow to load/render.

I’m definitely looking forward to public dashboards and data recording though, this seems much easier to use than other platforms.


I’m testing Thinger.io platform and CC3200 Launchpad for a couple of weeks and it is great.

I’m also looking forward to public dashboards and data recording. I think that these two features are missed for really good and simple IoT platform.

Is there any date in future, when these features will be available?

Best Regards,

Hi @Mihec! Thanks for your comments :slight_smile:

Data recording will be released this weekend after some months of testing, but public dashboards will take some more time to get completed (but it is a planned feature).

Best regards.

Sorry but I do I activate data recording ? As soon as I refresh or leave my browser, all data is lot.
Thanks a lot!

Hi @Aymeric_V, you need to create a data bucket. It stores the information at the interval you configure. Then, in the dashboard, change the data source to Buckets and the bucket id you have selected.

Notice that one data bucket can store only one resource at the same time, but the resource can contain one or several values. So, design your a resource containing the different values you want to store. But you can also create several buckets if you want.


Thanks for the fast answer… this works just great !

Great! Good you get it work! :slight_smile:

I like a lot this feature!!
I can see it is limited to 60 seconds, I suppose it is due to storage. will it change in the future?


Hi @maximo80, it is limited to 60 seconds for free accounts. You can upgrade your account for a reduced frequency, check the Upgrade Account section. Best.