Dashboard Problem

Why doesn’t my dashboard display appear if I use another device / computer when I enter the io thinger?
*** If I use my usual device, I can. But if I log in via another device, the dashboard display doesn’t appear.

Please help
Thank you…

English please…

Ok, done.
Do you know about the trouble?

Thank you…

A “device” is usually the provider of information e.g. an Arduino / ESP / WiFi appliance etc…, the dashboard is generally called from the browser of a “computer” or an app on a “smartphone”.

Could you describe your problem using this terminology?
Else it’s hard to understand what you mean.

I guess that you refer as a “device” a different computer, this is so weird that the clouds shows something when you log in in one computer and other stuff when you log in in other computer, I would recommend you to doble check that you are at the same server, using the same user and password, you may create accounts with the same credentials in different instances (public, private) and they are not related at all.

Hope this helps.