Dashboard Name and Project Selector not showing in PWA (Mobile)


We subscribed to the MEDIUM plan and are very excited about the new features. Thinger is a fantastic platform.


Dashboard Name and Project Selector not showing in PWA (Mobile)

The Project Selector is very important. Without this functionality in PWA, the user cannot change projects. Creating an app (Android and iOS) is hampered.
We believe that it is something easy and quick to fix / make available.

We are about to launch an app (Android) and the Project Selector is essential for our “Project Member” users.



I’ve noticed that, maybe it would be a good solution to have a “source selector” widget, and developers drop it into the required dashboards.

This as I don’t see functional to have a drop-down menu with just one option, for case when the end user has just one project assigned.

Good observation.

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Any of these behaviors for the Project Selector would do just fine. And the position of the Dashboard name.


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Hi @George_Santiago, will try to fix it ASAP!

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The community PWA has a very interesting example of behavior. Floating menu.