Dashboard Loading Speeds

We are currently testing thinger.io and it seems that the dashboards load slow. We are currently using the free version but considering upgrading to the business plan.

When the business plan says “Improved Endpoint calls rate (1/0.5s)” does this mean the dashboards will load quicker?

Hello @BaubEis,

Thank you very much for considering Thinger.io Platform in your research and for writing here your doubts.

Dashboards latency depends on a lot of variables, such as the number of colums you have in the data bucket, the connection quality and the number of data that are being shown. You can check the performance of the transmission by opening the G.Chrome inspector (F12).

The system is able to show more than 25.000 data points depending on the other variables if you wait for a download process of a few seconds, but 1000-5000 data points should be wroten instantly.

However, the new private instances (you can check the pricing here) improves this ratio due to the dedicated server and the aggregated data system, that allows representing data using min/max/mean/average/etc aggregations, and making it easier to analyze long-period data in a consistent way, as shown in the image below:

As you can see, the information is the same, working with fewer data points, and you can select in real time the aggregation sampling interval and type.

Note that the new server instances have no limitations in bucket/endpoint/device call intervals, and you can also deploy Plugins (extensions) such as Node-RED to make cloud computing in your own Thinger.io server.

Hope you find this information useful. If you need additional information, please do not hesitate writing us here or at info@thinger.io.

Best regards!