Dashboard links show "Unknown dashboard / Info: Nothing to show on this dashboard!"

When I make two dashboards, create a public link for each, and then make a link from the first to the second through a text label, then the error “Unknown dashboard / Info: Nothing to show on this dashboard!” appears. If I then refresh the page, it shows the second dashboard. When I click the back button to return to the first dashboard, again the error comes, and refresh solves it.

You can see it here. Click on “History graphs” to see the problem.

Is that a bug or am I doing something bad?


Hello Ronny!

Thank you very much for writing with this issue, because this is actually a bug in our console! so we will add it to our ToDo list and will try to fix ASAP.

Best regards!


I am currently still experiencing this issue. Has there been any resolution?

I am on a private Digital Ocean Do Monthly Maker package on platform version 2.6.2

Thank you!

Hello @JD899,

Have you tried to disable and re-enable the shared dashboard button? It will create a slightly different URL that should work well.

Hope it helps!

Thanks for your response Jorge.

I have done as you suggested and still get the same result. My links were already the new version.

My problem is exactly the same as described in the first post of this thread. If I navigate to the secondary dashboard via the text/label then I get the " Info: Nothing to show on this dashboard!" message. If I refresh the page it loads the dashboard correctly. I also get the same message if I use the browsers back button to navigate back to the previous dashboard.

Sometimes when I click the text/label and open it in a new tab it loads the new dashboard correctly without the need to refresh.

I hope this describes my problem better?

Just to confirm, as the original poster of the problem, that it never got solved.

Thanks for your comment @Ronny.

@JorgeTrincado do you have any feedback regarding this? Seems like it is a known bug on your console for over a year now?

Hy guys,

you just have to go to the Access token configuration of both shared dashboards and include the permissions to access each other dashboard configuration and resources. Or use the same access token for both dash.


Hi @JorgeTrincado

Thank you!

This solved the problem for me. I added the “ReadDashboardConfig” permission to my parent dashboard and it solved the problem for my use case.