Dashboard for user: project member very very slow to update data widget

I’ve created a dashboard (with some widget) as administrator user and everything is ok,
the widget are update very fast .

so I 've created and shared this dashboard with a user: project Member, but when I try to access the same dashboard with user account : project menber
everything are slow , slow to updating the widgets , with google-developer-debug I see that there are continuous dashboard errors.js to connect wss :

error WebSocket connection to ‘wss://securlift.aws.thinger.io/v2/users/securlift/events?authorization= ertertert55tteteg…&project=securlift.falconi’ failed:

what permission should i can enable to make everything fast view like view of administrator ?

Hi @secur_lab, I think that data is coming from buckets or properties, is it?

For data buckets accessed over a project member, at this moment, there is no support for real-time updates. The dashboard or properties should be updated every minute instead.

We have some work in-progress, in fact, the data coming from the device resources should work fine. Hope we can include the improvement in the next release.

fast changing data comes from the device property , this data property change about 1 time / second.
represent the states change of speed , floor change , door open & close & closing and can change several times per second . the view for admin is great but for projet member it is unusable. does it not depend that there is no wss connection for the project member ? i’ve attach jpg with a print screen of error


i forgot to say that this massive data transmission are only if user open dashboard. i’ve insert a html widget that performs a continuous refresh every 5 second of a device propery that with node red event “property change” sends a mqtt out which is interpreted by the controller as a presence command. when user closes and the refresh missing, the data slows down and the controller only sends the floor change “data buckets” .I’m not sure if it’s a good solution I’m experimenting.

HI @secur_lab, what you describe in your last post is what thinger.io does by default when you use its protocol. A resource in thinger.io is only queried when a dashboard or any other source requires it, i.e., a bucket subscribing for it, a user opens the dashboard, etc. Did you try it? It is quite optimized for such use cases. It should also work with project members.

ok i 've understand that if i use MQTT device there is no real time view on data “property” connect to widget. but now my property device are write on NodeRed that receive data on “mqtt in” and write device property . so i ve this question : there is a mode that i can write device resource (no property) with NodeRed ? or exist a mode to create a “virtual” device that i can write data resource with NodeRed. thank you .


I guess what you want can be done by the product feature → PRODUCTS - Thinger.io Documentation

The API Resources allows you to create resources for mqtt and http devices as native thinger devices → API Resources - Thinger.io Documentation

Hope this helps

This works fine for administrators/developers and will work fine for project members in the near future. So, if it works on for your account, it will work flawlessly on project members too.

I recommend you use the Products feature @ega mentioned for this option, NodeRed is not required here. It will scale much better for 1 or 100s devices

As @ega suggests, it is possible to use Products to create resources from MQTT devices, i.e., bind a resource name with a topic, or create request responses to topics, but it does not take the benefit of using the IOTMP thinger protocol which allows to dynamically request the device to stream information and stop when it is not necessary. If IOTMP is not a possibility, then, using Products is the way to go.

If you want to share with me some topic examples and payloads, I can help you to configure your first product resources. Just let me know if you need help!

yes .thank you , i’m testing Product but i’ ve insert some bucket and i don’t find where is it , if a create a new device with Product i find widget and properties but no bucket . i don’t uderstand if there is a problem to create a new bucket (with topic secur/{{device}}/dbg ) when i create a new device with product