Dashboard embedding


I am currently testing the Thinger platform and I like what I see so far, so thanks for the great work! I’m currently on the €30/month tier.

I have been trying to embed a full dashboard in my webapp (a vue app). No matter how I try, using as suggested in another post or an iframe, it always gives me back a CORS error, even with a CORS anywhere proxy. I assume it is because of a different domain for the shared link, but I have successfully done the same with other websites in the past and here I cannot make it work.

I’d like to know if anyone has incurred in the same error and fixed it somewhow. I suppose having a custom domain assigned would work but I think I cannot set one with my tier?


Hi Antonio,

The developers blocked that kind of calls from another website by security reasons, that is why it does not allow you to embed a dashboard into another website.

Hope this helps.

Thanks ega,

That makes sense. This leaves me with just an option to either open a new page with a dashboard when clicked or use the API and a chart libray to create my own, which is a bummer. I cannot afford now to spend €150 just to set a custom domain… I’d be courious to know how you guys are using the dashboards when embedding in your websites/apps.


Hi @tomastik, I think it might be worth to make it configurable in private server instances. So, we will take the feature into account for the upcoming update.

Thanks @alvarolb, that’s great news! I look forward to trying it as soon as it’s available.