Dashboard by asset group


I would like to do a dashboard for showing all information data by rooms: kitchen, office, etc. (it means: by asset group). Moreover, I would like to show the current state and make operations with these parameters.

For that, first of all, I was reading how to create the products and the devices structure in Thinger.io. I found this example in the documentation of Thinger.io: Shelly Plug S - Thinger.io Documentation In this example, they put the device into an asset group called “kitchen” (like I need to do).

Nevertheless, I have seen that in the dashboard it is not possible to do a dashboard by asset_group (I mean, I do not have such as in “device properties” where I can get the device properties in a widget and show the current information -there is not a place like “Asset group properties” where I can get the current data for show it in a widget-).

Do you know how could I do it?

Thank you in advance! :slight_smile: