Dashboard become Not Realtime in Self deploy Cloud thinger Server

Hi All,

I have explore thinger.io and wanna build my own server.
Then now i try to deploy thinger server into my ESXI server. And awesome!
Based on guidance of the server deploy instructions, my thinger server is up and work almost perfect!
One of my concern is why the dasboard is not updated real time as we seeen on thinger shared server in internet?
What should i check to my server?
Everything work well no errror when installation and can log in perfectly.

i hope i can get the answers.

when i checked using inspect element in chrome i found here:

> app_dashboard-6134205244.js:1 WebSocket connection to ‘wss://…NiwidXNyIjoid2lkaWhhbmRveW8ifQ.v7KceOgJ5ncueecT4t996xyAdBmI4Ihcd4cu8Omp_ZE’ failed: Error in connection establishment: net::ERR_INSECURE_RESPONSE

what should i do?

Are you loading the web console with http, or https?

using https,
first i accessed using this link https://[mlocalipserver]/
in chrome the web is responded can login but the dasboard become not realtime.
I must reload the web everytime to get realtime data.

I think that the dashboard is trying to open a websocket to the server over SSL. If you do not add an exception rule to your server (as it is using a self-signed certificate), it may throw this error. This would normally work if you open the console with https, and add an exception over your host.

I will change this in further versions, to allow opening a secure websocket or not depending on your current access to the console, so it does not force always SSL.