Dasboard Maps nost showing SIGFOX Location

I am trying to display GeoLocation data from SigFox on the Maps Widget but it does not work.
What Geoloc format is the Maps Widget requiring ?
The Longitude and Latitude data exist since it can be displayed on a text widget.
Thks, you really have built a great platform, better than the Catalan one.

I have the same problem. The lat field and lng field was used in the Google Map Widget, but the map is displaying wrong location. The values are however displayed in the text Widget.

think there is a bug.

maybe the server is not connected to the Google Map API.

Hello @alexkoo ,

It appears that the server is not accessing properly to complex keys, so if you can change the key to single “longitude” and “latitude” identifiers you can avoid the problem. But I suppose that this is not possible as you are be using Sigfox data.

However, we will check this problem for the next release of Thinger.io server.

The location is passed to Thinger.io in the JASON format

As a result, you can select the field data from the drop down

  • computedLocation.lat
  • computedLocation.lng

The text/value widget has no problem picking up the value, but the Map widget cannot pick up the lat and lng values even though the fields can be selected from the drop down menu.

Hope this helps.

Hi @alexkoo, this bug has been fixed yet in private cloud instances. How many sigfox devices are you using? maybe you can take advantage of getting a private instance and use the new Sigfox plugin with custom callback processing, auto device provisioning, device connection status…

I have the same problem. Latitude and longitude appear perfectly in widget text/value but not on the google map.

My data comes from TTN like this: