Custom widgets / Community widgets


First of all, I just joined yesterday and I must say the platform is really nice, I already love it! I have tried other platforms such as ThingSpeak and EasyIoT, but is much nicer and so easy to set up :slight_smile: I use ThingSpeak in a small Industrial IoT workshop I teach at the university I work at, but will definitely show to the students :wink:

On with my questions

  • Is it possible to add a custom widget to the Dashboard? Would be even more awesome if there could be community shared/made widgets
  • Is it possible to have a widget count the number of entries in a bucket, e.g. to show number of measurements, people count, door open/closed count, product count etc.?

Keep up the good with this great platform!


Hi @robotics! Thanks for your comments! I am glad you find the platform easy to use! Regarding your questions:

  • It is a good idea, and I think that is actually feasible, as all widgets are lazy loaded, so they can load external resources also. Will take a look on that for future releases!
  • It is not possible at this moment as counting items of a bucket is quite expensive by design (the cloud relies on DynamoDb, that will require scanning all items). However it could be done in the future by the config/variables feature that I am working on, where you can define a set of configurable parameters that can be consumed/updated by devices as required. So they can update statistics like that without necessary writing to a bucket.