Currently, just now on Sunday at 13:15 dashboards appear to be non-functional

My two devices are showing up green, connected.
The corresponding dashboard, that worked perfectly since months, display every widget without connection, the toolbar with the device selection is not present.
I thought, you wanted to transfer the device selection to a dedicated widget, so I created one with a device selector, option: switch devices.
That widget just displays nothing and the configuration to switch devices is not stored. …

Are you currently working on that?

P.S: the same dashboard is working (with device selector toolbar) on the beta.server!

… and a bit later not.

OK you are working on Sundays, obviously!

Hi @rin67630, we are working on sundays, but not in dashboards :wink: and we did not updated the public server since friday. I have verified public server and seems to be working fine since the update. I have some devices connected to it also. Can you open the Chrome Developer Tools and enter the Console section to see if there is any error raised?.


I found the culprit: it was a defective source switcher widget. It was just displayed as a regular empty widget. I removed it and got my dashboard functional again, reintroduced it and got the switcher working as well.
First, after the removal and the reintroduction, it did not displayed as a regular widget, but an overlay on the left top corner, on the top of the widget existing at that place. Once I began to use it to switch devices. it change shape and first took the whole first line, that I could re-dimension.
Upon deleting it again and re-introducing it again, the above mentioned behavior displaying as an overlay was not spotted a second time.

Okay, everything works now. that was just to give you feedback.

the behaviour to show up as an overlay was still there.
Upon refreshing the dashboard I got it again:
after going in editing mode, the widget takes the full first line again, then it can be re-dimensioned to take its regular place:

Strangely, now after refreshing the dashboard a third time everything was normal again.