Create Endpoints using API

Hello, I’m using self-hosted server and I would like to create an endpoint using your API, but right now in your docs no info is given. but as @alvarolb said that console is just angular frontend and uses REST api in backend to create or modify the resources. So can anyone please give me basic endpoint request and payload data & I’ll figure out the rest ? also https is broken while using endpoints.
Thanks a lot!

Hello @thespacesiddhesh,

You can check the HTTP request and configuration JSON by going to your chrome browser network inspector:

and including an access token with the “?authorization=” command. In this case, that I’m creating an email endpoint, the request is:

POST<access tocken>

application json: {recipient: "", subject: "subject", body_type: "html", body: "&lt;p&gt;body&amp;#160;&lt;/p&gt;"} 

Note that you can learn how to use all the REST API with this process


Thanks a lot for the info!