Could you consider a membership light?

Could you consider a membership light without own cloud?

The minimum option is 29€/month, which is too much for many of us, tinkering as a hobby.

I would subscribe to a membership light at 29€/year on your own cloud to support you.
You may in turn allow more devices and buckets as an incentive.

I think, you may get more revenues, if you propose this option additionally.

What do you think about that idea?

Hi @rin67630, before launching the new plan, we had such “light” plan. But changed to a new system to isolate client instances and offer much more features, like plugins, filesystems, custom domains, rebranding, accounts manager, and other features that will follow in the upcoming months, specially to create products, and being able to compile firmware online, manage device OTAs, etc.

At this moment we cannot offer such features in a “light” plan, but we can consider to create a plan to just increase devices, buckets, dashboards, etc. Will take a look into that :wink: