Could not detect resource on ESP32

Greetings to all. I have a ESP8266 board and a ESP32 board. I upload the similar code to both of the device (with different device ID, board lib, and etc…but setup the same!), both can online and it work. But, i found out that the ESP32 board could not get the resource from dht11. Suppose it has humidity, celsius, and fahrenheit, it showing on the ESP8266 dashboard/device API, but the ESP32 could not show anything from the dht11 data. Did anyone encountered such problem??

Hi, you need to use different libraries for ESP8266 and ESP32:

ThingerESP32.h for ESP32, and ThingerESP8266.h for ESP8266. Please, check also that your ESP32 can read the DHT11 without libraries, to ensure there is no a problem with the sensor connection.