Connection to Thinger

How can you test for connection to Thinger in ESP32 Code. I am using WiFi_Connected == 1 before I initiate a but sometimes WiFi is connected but Thinger is not, data is lost.


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Try thing.is_connected()

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Thanks George, that is working.

I also have the problem that sometimes the servers for thinger are unreachable.
The consequence is that the thinger.handle() takes a long time (up to more than 1000ms).
That is massively disturbing my collaborative multitasking.
Could a wrapping with
if (thing.is_connected())
prevent that?


I guess it won’t do anything, because the thing.handle(); instruction should be out of that “if” to get the client connected and get into the if.

Hope this helps.

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Thank you. It’s what I feared.