Connection problems to the platform

Hi. I think that yesterday 08 may something went wrong on the platform,
all my credentials were not recognized anymore and I had to re-share
them. Also on Android the page of the link now opens in browser instead
of a proprietary window. Other 2 devices of a friend stoped working
yesterday at about 14.30 GMT, they are in a remote location and cannot
reach them for debug. Any suggestions?

Hello Shinto,

A new version of Platform version has been released yesterday, providing a lot of new features and also implementing huge improvements on the scalability and reliability of the service. However, as always happens with big changes, it is usually required polishing some small details, in this case, users may have to perform some small actions to continue using the service normally:

-Shared dashboard links have changed lightly. You must enter your account and share the link again.
-If you cannot access your account, please, refresh your browser and clear cache/history if necessary.

But don’t worry, we have checked that all accounts and connected devices still active and storing data, so I’m sure that you will have no problem to continue developing your projects after making the refresh.


OK, thanks.

si era usuario antiguo de thinger, y tenia bases de datos del plan que incluía 3 dispositivo, debo pagar para poder exportar nuevamente?

Hello @Euribiel_Roberto_Val Euribiel, Free privileges haven’t changed. Actually you have the same features as before… and also a few additional ones. What is the problem?

*yesterday we found and fix an issue with data buckets export, please try exporting again!