Connecting Tasmotizer to Thinger


I have been trying to connect a Sonoff PWR R2 to using Tasmotizer with MQTT but keep getting a connection error. Does anybody have experience of using Tasmotizer with and what the fields need to be? I have successfully connected the device to the free Hive MQTT boker wihout a problem so know the device/connection works OK.

Any help appreciated.


Unfortunately not, but maybe if you give us some additional information about the integration we can help you.


Hi Jorge,

I have flashed the Sonoff PWR R2 with Tasmota. In the device configuration page there are fields for Host, Port, Client, User, Password, Topic and Full Topic. I have configured the fields as below:
Host - instance domain
Port - 1883
Client - Thinger Device ID
User - Thinger User Account ID
Password - Device Credentials parameter
Topic - Tasmota
Full Topic - %prefix%/%topic%

The device fails to connect to the Thinger cloud instance. The Tasmota pre built bin files do not support SSL/TLS but my understanding is that Thinger supports standard and SSL/TLS. Tasmota Github link below.

Thanks for the help.


Hy @grahammrichards,

It is difficult to know the problem with this information. Can you please provide any screenshot of the device configuration on Tasmota and thinger? do you have any way to debug the connection with Tasmota devices?