Connecting Tasmotizer to Thinger


I have been trying to connect a Sonoff PWR R2 to using Tasmotizer with MQTT but keep getting a connection error. Does anybody have experience of using Tasmotizer with and what the fields need to be? I have successfully connected the device to the free Hive MQTT boker wihout a problem so know the device/connection works OK.

Any help appreciated.


Unfortunately not, but maybe if you give us some additional information about the integration we can help you.


Hi Jorge,

I have flashed the Sonoff PWR R2 with Tasmota. In the device configuration page there are fields for Host, Port, Client, User, Password, Topic and Full Topic. I have configured the fields as below:
Host - instance domain
Port - 1883
Client - Thinger Device ID
User - Thinger User Account ID
Password - Device Credentials parameter
Topic - Tasmota
Full Topic - %prefix%/%topic%

The device fails to connect to the Thinger cloud instance. The Tasmota pre built bin files do not support SSL/TLS but my understanding is that Thinger supports standard and SSL/TLS. Tasmota Github link below.

Thanks for the help.