Connecting electric imp to thinger

i have been using thinger to send from a nodemcu esp12E, some simple variables, temperature from a ds18b20, and that works well. I also have an electric imp, which i can interact with ubidots, sending similar variables when it is setup correctly. I would like to try the electric imp on thinger, so initially just get it connected to thinger, then experiment with some simple variable, (integer values,floats, temperature etc).
the imp is very different from the esp. anyone tried, or any pointers to get me started with the electric imp. thanks, TOM.

Hi Tom,

I have an electric imp around, but I never tried to program it outside its environment. Not sure how is the integration with ubidots… is by calling HTTP requests to push data?. The integration with would require something more, but not sure if it allows handling raw TCP sockets. If you have any information about this, I could try to make it compatible like the ESP8266. Anyway, the next week I will release the data storage functionality, that could store information by simply calling HTTP requests, as any other IoT platform. So I guess it could be used with electric imp without too much effort. But for actuating over the device, we require a raw TCP request.

Best regards.