Connecting a device without libraries

Hello world,
I’m wondering if it is possible to connect a device - arduino Uno + gsm/GPRS SIM800 shield to without libraries other than tinyGSM ?

This is for a POC, my hive doesn’t have electric power nor wifi, and my arduino uno doesn’t fit for 32+kO program, libraries and variables…

Why is it so hard to open a database on a web site and send a few bits ???

Suggestions are welcome.


I dont know if it is possible, but the arduino uno has a very limited resources, if you ask me how to solve this I fully recommend to change the microcontroller and chosing one with better specifications, and would recommend for sure use something as the ESP32 due it is so powerful compared with the arduino uno (check both specs on internet) and the cost difference is not so high and it has wifi and bluetooth already, just in case you want to deploy something with that kind of comm.

As developer the only reason I would start to compress the memory usage (more than applying good practices coding) is that there is no feasible way to get a better controller.

As business administraor I would choose a cheaper controller if and only if there is a huge difference in costs and there is no features sacrifice, something hard with the ESP32 due it is dual core, I havent seen other microcontroller compatible with arduino ide with that characteristic.

The library is open source, if you think there is a lot of things you may get rid of just to “open a database on a web site and send a few bits” you can totally modify it to reach your goal, let us know your achievements.

Hope this helps.

Why would you like to connect using other?

Thank you for your answer.
At this moment i’m not thinking to trash my electronics to buy other ones. I’ll try to manage to get them work because they are designed for it.
I’m thinking that few methods are necessary to open connection, connect and transmit data, so i need to find them and put this together in an operating code.
Rather tricky for a neandertal age guy. :yum:
Have a nice day library is told to be designed for connecting devices in 2 minutes…
But code with this library overflows memory capacities. :sob:

Hi @Hivescale ,
There may a workaround but coding wise would be a little more complicated than using the library. You can open a connection against the platform and execute a PUT request of the data you desire into a bucket. Here you can find more info: Swagger UI

Good luck!

Thank you @jaimebs ,
i’ll give a look at it.

Thank you all for your help.
Eventually I went to thingspeak objects cloud, and managed to post sensor values without libraries with simple AT commands on gprs serial with TCP protocol with a non documented SIM800 shield. :grinning:
The problem with libraries is that they are not yours, not very well documented, not so well maintained, and very heavy in memory. They are designed to save you time, and usually they do, but if you don’t have the right hardware they are in fact a big nightmare and a time glutton.
As this is not my job, by far, to code c++, I won’t try to give more comments or advice on coding subjects.
Have fun!


I am really glad you found a way to do what you wanted, on the other hand I am deeply sorry that not all the libraries developed and shared for free by those developers, that you needed for your particular purpose, did not reach your expectations, I wish you nothing but the best writing all the code on your own for each device you want to develop/build/deploy.

Today, the whole developing community loses a lot without your comments and advices, you will be remembered for your invaluable contribution.