Connect to thinger through Enterprise WIFI

I can connect my device to thinger through private wifi using the default settings:

thing.add_wifi(SSID, SSID_PASSWORD);

But is it possible if I want to use thinger through an Enterprise WIFI (such as EDUROAM) which require user accounts and passwords and are there any tutorials available online?

Hi @Hans_Wu ,

I never tried to connect an ESP32 or ESP8266 to EDUROAM (but I know some people managed to get it working). If you have a working sketch (without Thinger) to connect to such networks, we can adapt the libraries to support it. Do you have any experience with it?

I am going to run a test later but I haven’t tried yet.
There is a ConnectWithWPA2Enterprise example code in the WIFININA library, which allows Arduino MKR to connect to the Enterprise WIFI, and it works for some people after updating the Arduino firmware.

OK @Hans_Wu, if you can investigate and test it with eduroam, it can be very useful, as I have not an eduroam network near.

Hi @alvarolb ,
I’ve tested the sample code last week but it doesn’t work. I am trying to figuring out the reason and will let you know if I have any progress.