Configurable charts in dashboard


We’ve been requested to create a dashboard for client’s use with the ability to select different timeframes at will. I found the ‘configurable’ option in the dashboard charts and I thought it should work great for this. But I am struggling to understand a couple of things:

  • I would like to restrict the user to a set amount of data to be viewed. I can select ‘relative’ or ‘absolute’ in the options but how can I restrict the amount of data used? For instance, with relative the user can see all the data back to 5 years

  • Is there a way to dynamically decide the aggregation based on amount of data the user wants to see? For instance, if I give the user the option to aggregate in 1 min and then the user selects 1 month of relative data, it’s going to fetch a lot of numbers and slow/crash the system. Same thing in reverse: if the user aggregates at 1 hour and then select just 5 minutes of data then nothing will be shown.

I see there’s an ‘auto’ option which I thought would make the trick, but if I select it nothing happens and I get a blank chart… please help.