Como usar bucket e criar botão para usar como histórico

preciso criar um botao com widget usando o historico do bucket para o cliente ter acesso a temperatura dias passados.

Hi Gustavo,

If you are so kind as to put your question in English and more explicitly, it would help us to understand your particular situation and to guide you to achieve your goal.


Good night, I need a help is possible. I use the system to collect
data from the refrigerator temperature system,
can we create a bucket and collect the history from 15 days ago?
put a link for the customer to pull the period he needs?
The bucket is already created on the platform, I need to add a button so that the customer can have access to the temperature history of the past days.

Hi Gustavo,

Yes of course, you can store data in a bucket and after show in graphic in widget, is that what you need?

I am sorry but I dont understand when you say a link and the customer pull the period he needs. you can share dashboards by links, is that what you need? or how do you want the customer get the data?