Communication between Thinger and wireless private network of sensors

There are some old Machines available in our company which require maintenance a lot of times,
So what we are thinking is to monitor the vibration of machines with vibration sensor which confirms us about the life as well as certain disruption if takes place for ‘above’ or ‘lower’ defined values,
Rather than dependent on wired Automation equipment for monitoring,
we are thinking to use Flexible wireless private network which We want to connect with Thinger Platform which give access to company employee to check the data of Vibration sensor through internet whenever we want
Someone suggested me to use particle photon with Thinger But Still struggling to connect it by using documentation, So looking for helpful way to directly connect the sensor to send reading to Thinger platform

Hi for server purpose you need to use raspberry pi or particle to communicate sensor with wireless so if you are going with raspberry pi then you should start with documentation which will help you to authenticate with Thinger console,
For Mobile application development you should go as per this which help you to display the data on cloud

I think that particle is a hardware device that works with its own cloud. Not sure if they can be easily reprogrammed, i.e., with Arduino for custom connectivity. For local purposes I would recommend using other devices like Arduino MKR1000, NodeMCU, etc. Those devices work out out the box with thinger.