Client Libraries for different languages

Hi everyone! In our approach to start opening more and more over time, we are trying to consolidate some of the platform core features. One of the key aspects of is the protocol between the devices and the cloud. At this moment, such protocol is not documented at all, it does not have a name, or provide client libraries in different languages (only C++). It just works, it is part of the magic, but lacks a better support.

This is changing right now :slight_smile: During the past few months we have been working on redesigning some key aspects of the initial protocol, making it more efficient over the wire, extensible, easier to build clients for it, and supporting different encoding techniques beyond the well-known PSON. Such new protocol is called now IOTMP, which stands for IOT Message Protocol (not quite original :thinking:).

We have started to test this new protocol with different languages, and here is a simple example of creating a client in Javascript, just working over a browser!! A static webpage can just connect as a regular device! Does it sound interesting? Here is the code:

<script src="iotmp.js"></script>
    let background = "#ff0000";

    let client = iotmp.connect({
        host: 'xxxx',
        user: 'alvarolb',
        device: 'javascript',
        credentials: 'xyztva',
        reconnectTimeout: 6000

    // input example
    client.on('background', (input)=>{
        background=input.get(); = input.get();

    // output example
    client.on('sample_data', ()=>{
        return Math.floor(Math.random()*1000);

This dummy example does really nothing beyond allowing to change the page background remotelly, or returning a random number when required, but there are endless possibilities with such approach, starting with the possibility to easily create clients, i.e., for mobile devices acquiring device locations, sensors, etc.

So, at this moment we have an initial development both in C++, and Node.js (quite beta), but we would like to know your opinion about whats next! So, we are opening a poll for this:

  • Java
  • JavaScript (Web/Node.js)
  • Python
  • Go
  • Swift
  • C#
  • Other

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For anyone interested in the IOTMP protocol, it is barely described here:
There is quite a lot of work to do before the final spec or release, so, if you have any feedback, it will be really appreciated! :slight_smile: