Capture dashboard screen with NodeRed

Hello, @jaimebs

I would like to know if it is possible to capture the dashboad screen with NodeRED, using the “node-red-contrib-web-page-screenshot” palettes and the “Puppeteer” dependency?

I would like to use these pallets to capture dashboard images and send them to customers via email, whatsapp, telegram…

I’m afraid of trying to install “node-red-contrib-web-page-screenshot” and “Puppeteer” and cause my Thinger Server to crash. So I would like to know if it is possible to install the “node” and the dependency to do this capture.


Note that the development and support from this and the all other NodeRed community nodes are out of reach of thinger development team, there could be risk of causing the NodeRed server crash, you can install and run 3rd party nodes, but at your own risk.

Hope this helps.

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I perfectly understand the risk, Ega
Thank you for the warning.

But my biggest question is how to install the Puppeteer dependency so that it works with the node.

Or any other kind of dependency, so it works on the node installed in NodeRED on Thinger Server.
Can I install Puppeteer on the NodeRED console/terminal?

Oh I see, to install additional nodes, you need to go to the “Palette”.

Click on the burger menu at top right at node red instance > Palette, or press Alt+Shift+P.

There you may see the installed nodes and can install new ones, by their tab respectively.

Hope this helps.