Can't install Node red at my host

I’m trying to install Node-red at my private host but there is some thing wrong and got this message.

Ooops! Cannot process your request. Error 400 (cannot get gateway IP. consider restarting docker daemon)

Hi @Moahmed_ELnahas, can you provide more details about your installation? Is it in our cloud? On-demand? Operatin System, etc? Did you restarted your docker daemon, as suggested by the error message?


I made a restart for the server, could you please provide with more details how to restart docker daemon?

@alvarolb @JorgeTrincado any help?

hello guys,

could you please show me how to restart my deamon ?

@alvarolb @JorgeTrincado

Hello @Moahmed_ELnahas,

We have manually reset your instance in order to uptade configuration file parameters. Can you confirm if the problem has been solved?

Best regards!

problem solved.

Thank you.