Can't create buckets

First time using and I want to store some data using buckets.
Every time I try to create a bucket with a device data resource and I get a error 400

Hi, are you filling all required parameters? Device, resource, and interval?

Yes I am:

Hi @dicamarques
We’ve analyzed the issue and we found a bug that when the device id contains dashes the bucket cannot be created. Please check if this is your case, and if it is, use device ids without dashes until the following issue has been resolved.


Yes! I have a dash on my device id… Maybe thats why it also is unable to do a OTA update with vs code.
I also get a 400 if I try that. Unfortunately that device is already deployed and I can’t change the device id. I’ll have to wait for the new version

Can confirm that without a dash the bucket creation works, but the OTA still gives me a error 400


I’m curious, have you been able to update other devices by vscode? If not I would check the token permits at the platform because it could be an issue with that.

Hope this helps.

The token was right, I didn’t know I needed to add another library to use ota

Do you mean to enable the device listening to OTA updates?

I too encountered this issue today only to find out it was just reported a week ago. Awesome! I hope a fix is available soon.