Can't connect pi to console

I’m following this guide to connect one of my devices(raspberry pi).

I have the DEVICE_ID and DEVICE_CREDENTIAL because that’s what I set up in the control panel. I also need to fill in a USER_ID, i tried entering my username but it doesn’t work.

From the arduino documentation I can derive that I need my username, which I did fill in but it still doesn’t work. (yes I have a thinger server running)

What do I need to fill in in USER_ID ?


Hi @Jelle_Criel ! The user id is the username you used while registering in the platform. You can see it at the top right:

In the RPi sketch, remove the << >> tags, just like:

#define USER_ID "alvarolb"

The same for device id and credentials… hope this help!

Hi @alvarolb,

so I entered my username and credentials like so but it still doesn’t work.
My devices are connected to the internet.
What am I doing wrong?