Cannot load plugin. check it is running!

Hi all

Since a couple of hours, i’m not able anymore to open the node-red or grafana plugins from my account.

and when i go to the plugin itself, it keeps in loading state:

Last change that was done on the platform was that i got the apex charts enabled for our instance. Node-Red is working already a long time, a lot of flows are defined in it without problem.

Thanks in advance!!

Hi @gus, you are working over a BETA version of the instance which included Apex. Unfortunately this beta comes with some changes on plugins, and caused node-red to not start properly (only if you installed it again). We are updating right now the beta so it should work as before. Hope you did not removed your plugin, so you keep all your flows.


Hi @gus, check if it works with version 2.9.92-47-ge818cae. It should update automatically in a few minutes. Best

Hi Alvaro

I just checked, the problem is still there.
We did not remove the plugin, and i prefer not to. There is quite some changes done.

If needed, we can remove the beta version from our instance, export the node-red flows, then go back to the beta version and re-install the nod-red.
But i don’t know if that will work, because the plugin itself is not loading so i cannot do any action (even not remove it):


Hi @gus, I write you in private.