Cannot get private cloud for Makers at 8€/month

I am trying to detect when my devices hosted on got on or off and for that purpose I decided to go for a Private Cloud option which is supposed to allow to install the Node-Red plugin and then add some custom flows which would detect those events (device on/off) and make it send a parameterized (id of my device and the state - on/off) HTTP call to my own web service.

My question is, why I am not allowed to subscribe for the most basic (8€/month), ‘Maker’ one? Once I click on that option I get an empty screen.

If I pick Small (45€/month), Medium (179€/month) or Large (319€/month) it gives me that form where I have to fill up Region, Hostname etc.

Hi @peepnee

We are sorry to inform you that the Maker Plan does not provide plugin options and is actually based on the shared community server.

Currently, we are implementing the automatic subscription for this plan, but is available to hire through our support channels.

To avoid this confusion in the future, in the following days we will redo the pricing page to be more user friendly.

Sorry for the misunderstanding.

What if I want to have more than 2 devices? This is another reason I decided to go for private cloud. It says 25 devices which is good for me at the moment but I can not subscribe to it for 8-10 Euro per month.

You can hire them at these links:

You must use the same email you used to register in the Cloud Console. Let us know once you hire your desired plan as updates in the limits is still a manual process.