Cannot connect to deployed server

Hi guys, can someone point me out. I cant connect my nodemcu to deployed server in vm.
Seems like router rejecting connection… But i dont know how to fix it.

pm open,type:2 0
[_SOCKET] Connecting to…
[_SOCKET] Using secure TLS/SSL connection: no
[hostByName] Host: is a IP!
:ref 1
:ur 1
[_SOCKET] Error while connecting!

Hi, you say that you have the server running in a VM. Are you sure the required ports are open to the server instance (80, 443, 25200, 25202)?

Sorry, i am so noob in all this stuff, how to check those ports? should i tinker around in ubuntu?

i did netstat list, 25200 25202 and http/s ports are listening. Does it mean that theyre open to the server instance

Yes, the server is listening on those ports, however, since you are running the server in a virtual machine, it is required to know if those ports are accesible from an external computer, i.e., opening a web browser to this IP address from your mobile phone connected to the same network.