Can we combine all the same individual sensor data in one timeseries?

I am trying to achieve to have a contrast time series graph using more than 1 sensor that they will sense the same kind of data. I just want to see through visualization if there is a pattern difference if i tweak one of my sensors via time series. Is it possible?

Hi, you need to have the measurements in the same bucket.

Are this sensors in the same device or different devices?

Let me know to tell you how can be done.

These sensors are from different devices.
But each sensor used esp8266 nodemcu.

  1. Sensor + nodemcu
  2. Sensor + nodemcu
  3. Sensor + nodemcu

These sensor data, I’d like to combine in one time series.

Appreciate the help.

Hi, in this case i think the way to do it is using the communication between devices —> CODING GUIDE - Documentation

Using just a device as a “gateway”, so the other two will upload its measurements and the “gateway” device will report to the cloud, this could be done by writing buckets or the cloud asking to the device, according the frequency you need the upload of data.

How often you need to measure and upload?

Let me know if you need help coding this :wink:

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