Can I show donut chart widget on mobile App.?

My dash board has donut chart widgets and some button widgets, when i use mobile App. the values don’t appear in a same widget. it appears just numbers.

Can I add widgets to my mobile App.

the answer is: No. It appears only the value of measurement.

Hello @Ahmed_Salah,

Unfortunately the APP is only for real time representation and only has fixed widgets. But, you can create a “shared dashboard” add it into your smartphone’s main page, in order to create an embeded web browser application.

Hello @JorgeTrincado,

Thank you for the reply. I’m already using “dashboard share” and hope you and team to develop more widgets with the same nice shape of dashboard widgets.

May I ask another Question?

I’ve some problems with my device after some hours of continues working, After some hours the device disconnect and needs hardware reset which is very annoying to me.

what is the reason for this problem?
I’m using WifiManager and OTA libraries with Thinger library.

Thank you,

Hi @Ahmed_Salah,
What kind of device are you using?

@JorgeTrincado. I’m using ESP8266 NodeMCU.

By the way, Can I send multicast E-Mail with one EndPoint ?