Buckets not working


I have been successfully using Buckets to store data, however I Restarted the Server yesterday and they are no longer working, existing buckets are not collecting data, I cannot delete existing buckets, and I tried setting up a new bucket and this also doesn’t collect data.

I have a Domain set-up & cluster host www.colourspi.com & ColourSPI.aws.thinger.io. I restarted the server because I wanted to update the default “from email” address but the change wouldn’t stick, the user guide suggests that the server should be restarted after modifying any parameters, but this appears to have affected the buckets, even though I didn’t make any changes to this

Please suggest what I need to do to resolve this.

Hi @MarkAustin902

The issue with the buckets was on our side and it affected your server on the restart, as the configuration it was retrieving did not contain the necessary information. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Regarding the email, in order to change the “from email” field you first need to set up your credentials, either for SMPT, or Amazon SES before being allowed to change it.