Buckets in dashboard are not showing correctly

Hello, hope all is well.

When I export a dashboard, it seems to work as expected just if device resources are in it. If I use buckets, say to display a value with a gauge, it does not update if shared outside. I have checked few times that the dashboard can access all the buckets involved, but it still does not work if you want to look at it using the dashboard link. Please help.


Your issue could possibly be the same than mine:
Why does this trend not display normally?

It could come from the y-axis min and max.
At some moment I did set the min-max values, and then cleared them.

This causes an issue in the console where the new limit is ‘’ instead of a number.
Then, the chart does not manage it well and it starts filtering data and splines fails to compute with the few remaining points. After the spline fails, nothing is displayed on the chart.

Alvaro found the problem and will fix it in the new dashboard versions.
Thank you Alvaro!

Meanwhile just reconfigure the time values widget and don’t touch the max-min values, and erase them later.


Hi Laszlo,

Thanks a lot for this. I have been tested different types of viz and I thinkthe problem might be elsewhere. For instance, if I create a simple gauge with a device resource it works great, if I do it with a bucket (which updates every couple of seconds) it visualises just the first value and then gets stuck and does not refresh. It is quite weird as for some older dashboard I can see it working. Any idea? @alvarolb?

I can also right now see my instance CPU of thinger running at 100%. There must be something wrong as usually it sits very low, around 10%. Please help.

Screenshot 2022-05-18 at 16.54.05


Note that you cannot grant a dashboard access to a bucket.

If you share a dashboard by the link “Share dashboard”, it automatically generates a token, you need to identify that token at the “Access tokens” link and grant it access to consult the specific buckets that needs for that specific dashboard.

Hope this helps.

if I do it with a bucket (which updates every couple of seconds)

OK, on free accounts on cannot update a bucket that fast.
That could have been a track to follow. I took last time almost a hour to clear a bucket with 2 months of records by the minute.
Maybe buckets are just not fast enough?