Bucket not available


Without change, we receive the following messages in the dashboard “Bucket not available”:

Where could this problem come from?

Extra info: sensor data is still coming in. And node-red is able to write to another bucket.
EDIT: so the bucket that was not accessible anymore, is populated via a node-red stream of modified incoming sensor data. If we write to a new bucket, the bucket is available.

How come this other bucket is not accessible anymore an how can we avoid this? because the data is not consistent anymore now.

HI @gus, not sure the bucket id is correct. I see various issues there, name too long > 32 chars, and one space in “node red” ? The id from the popup and from the selector are different also

That’s just the name, not the ID:

The ‘restore bucket’ has the same setup, and this bucket can be read from in the dashboard:

Now, the backup bucket can’t be reached anymore either.

Hi @gus, if you dont mind, please, send me your username/password in a private message, so I can provide you a better support.

I also get sporadically that message.
I suspect a shaky internet connection, a few minutes later it’s there again.

We finally found out that it was a bad configuration on a time series chart. Fixed the dash so it does not crash in this way, showing a confusing error.